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or call:   Gracie: 07963 823977
Gracie and The G-Spots offer a consistantly danceable set from the golden era of swing, jump jive and r 'n' b plus some raunchy showstoppers and musical-comedy numbers.

In a vibrant reincarnation of a lost age whilst also hot in the neo burlesque and cabaret scene, Gracie is part sweetheart, part vamp and takes a sexy stance to lead this superb group of musicians as they take you through a night of songs including rocking Ruth Brown, classic Gershwin, sexy Ray Charles and many more.

Gracie and the G-Spots will entertain you in any party, cabaret or dance setting.


"Brilliant voice, sharp edge, very very funny"
      - Leila Jones (Roundhouse, Lost Vagueness)


"A healthy dose of cheeky attitude"
      - Sean Rowley (Guilty Pleasures, BBC London)


"I love Gracie!"
      - Sam Roddick (Coco de Mer)